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Best Soil Testing Kit for Agriculture

Soil testing is the basic requirement of agriculture. Without soil testing, growing crops is highly risky as the grower is not aware of the nutritional content of the soil and the fertiliser to put in to get the optimum yield or to make the soil appropriate for growing the particular crop.

We at Technoloze own an organic farm and have tested over 8 soil testing kit from across the globe over the years and have got our verdict out on the best soil testing kit for agriculture.

We imported 3 soil testing kits and used 5 others that were sold domestically and found one soil testing kit that fits all our requirements. And the soil testing kit we found really useful was the one from Harvesto.

We have used Harvesto Soil Testing Kit for over two years now and have been delighted by the ease of use, quality and the service support of the manufacturer.

Soil Testing Kit for Agriculture
Soil Testing Kit for Agriculture

Harvesto Soil Testing Kit tests 14 nutrients of the soil and then based on the results it recommends crop-specific fertiliser dose for over 100 crops. We have used it to get results for several crops for our farm and the farmland of our neighbouring farmers.

After using Harvesto Soil Testing Kit we saw an increment of over 30-40% in our crop-yield. The quality of the crop and soil improved drastically. It has helped us in earning more profit per acre from our farm and has decreased our expenditure by optimising the use of fertilisers in our farm.

Getting trained on Harvesto Soil Testing Kit was very easy. All calculations are done by the Harvesto Soil Testing Kit. We only had to follow a set procedure for soil testing which was very easy to learn and remember. After the free training of soil testing kit provided by Harvesto, we were able to start testing our soil samples. After 2 weeks we thought of expanding and started giving our soil testing service to nearby farmers. The results of that were excellent. We were now earning not only by increasing our crop-yield but by also giving soil testing service to others. This added source of income and increased trust of nearby farmers on our services helped us a lot.

Soil testing is extremely important for every farmer especially if you are doing organic farming. And if you want to get an easy to use and most trusted soil testing kit then Harvesto Soil Testing Kit is the best choice.


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