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Top 10 Video Editing Tools for Entrepreneurs

1. Final Cut Pro

This software was created by Apple Inc. and is widely used by video editors. It has an impressive UI to begin with, as well as some very useful keyboard shortcuts. Without a third-party plugin, it is impossible to import projects from the Final Cut version. The most recent version of the video editing software is a user-friendly update to the pro-level Mac editor.

2. Sony Vegas Movie Studio

This video editing software is a compressed version of Sony Vegas Pro and is used by many professional video editors. It has a simple user interface with features like text addition, transitions, video stabilization, special effects, and so on. This is an excellent tool for video editors who do not have a lot of time to devote to video editing.

3. Lightworks

This video editing software comes with a comprehensive package for aspiring filmmakers and is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Some of the key features include multi-cam editing, background I/O support, special keyboard shortcuts to improve video editing, and a wide range of real-time special effects used in professional video editing.

4. Pinnacle Studio

This is a very popular video editing tool that is primarily used by Windows users. It is a compressed version of the full-featured video editing tool developed by the same company. It has some appealing features such as timeline-based editing, drag and drops editing of HD videos, free training, DVD authoring, adding songs and music, title and overlay creation, and so on, and it also includes a variety of transitions and special effects.

5. Corel Video Studio

Anyone with a 64-bit operating system can use this video editing software to create creative videos. It is highly optimized to work on high-end rigs and computer configurations, and the full-fledged version of the software includes features such as multi-monitor support, stop-motion animation, variable speed in video editing, DSLR enlarged mode, and so on.

6. iMovie

Apple's iMovie is one of the most popular video editing programs for Macintosh devices. This software allows you to edit videos on any iOS device. Some of the key features include a drag-and-drop interface, the ability to fine-tune clips, and iMovie Theatre, which allows you to watch movies on the Apple TV and has a large library of transitions and special effects.

7. Adobe Premier Pro

This is one of the most popular timeline-based video editing tools available for Mac and Windows. This tool integrates easily with Photoshop and After Effects and has eye-catching features such as video masking, transitions, special effects, and so on.

8. Windows Movie Maker

If a video editor wants to edit a video without consuming a lot of system resources, Windows Movie Maker is the best video editing software to use. Windows Movie Maker is used to add video tracks, add simple animations and special effects, and export the video to a Windows-compatible video format. This tool is ideal for amateurs or home video producers.

9. CyberLink Power Director

This popular video editing software has a very simple user interface that allows a video editor to quickly become acquainted with it. This tool offers a unique feature in that you can edit the video from a mobile app, and it includes features such as professional-looking animations, transitions, and slideshows.

10. AVS Video Editor

On Windows computers, this video editing tool is usually the first choice of video editors looking for an easy-to-use interface and professional-looking results. This tool includes a plethora of transitions and special effects, multilingual support, Blu-ray video support, and the ability to easily share videos to any social networking site.


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