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Top 10 Website Designers in Europe

1. Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is based in India and has been delving into versatile mobile app development projects as well as challenging native and cross-platform app development projects since its inception. The company has an appealing work environment and infrastructure in India, as well as excellent in-house mobile app developers. Auxano Global Services is known as the best mobile app development company because they have implemented agile app development methodologies and work as a team to solve the difficult problems that arise in the client's projects.

2. Ikomobi

Ikomobi was founded in 2009 and has been providing clients with all mobile app development services since then. The company assists organizations in bridging the digital divide in human life. They have collaborated on numerous projects that are truly making a difference in the world. The company's collective skill set includes Android, iOS, Xamarin, and web technologies. They have extensive experience serving clients in all sectors, from retail to services. Many business clients all over the world have faith in the company.

3. Amaris

Amaris is a 4,000-person global technology consulting firm, founded in 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Amaris Group is rapidly expanding and growing, with 65 offices in 50 countries. Our Digital Lab activities in Vietnam are primarily focused on: -Digital (Web/Mobile/E-commerce, plus UI/UX and testing) -Data Science/Big Data - Frontier Technologies, Inc. (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning)

4. PYCO Group

PYCOGROUP is a global team of passionate consultants and developers who help clients accelerate digital transformation and deliver results. Founded in 1999 in Belgium, the company now employs approximately 550 people across nine cities and four continents. As a result of collaborations with YellowPepper, Atlassian, Magnolia, Ansarada, and MessageMedia, the group has also established new ventures in Vietnam. To put it another way, we build your digital teams and solutions.


They have been developing software products and teams for over 15 years. They have extensive experience in eLearning and edTech, as well as Fintech, medical technologies, and eCommerce. They are an Episerver partner, a Umbraco partner, and a Microsoft partner. They are also a developer for 2019.


They are a La Rochelle digital web marketing agency that focuses on creative solutions and results. It assists brands in growing in this age of digital transformation, where visibility is becoming increasingly complex. Whatever the size of your company, MX/COM Inbound Marketing Agency in La Rochelle (FR) will always provide you with individualized support from start to finish, with a reasonable budget and flexible terms.

7. Kernix

Kernix is an independent company that specializes in data integration, and web and mobile development. Kernix provides customized solutions and works with clients throughout the project life cycle, including strategy and design, interface and usability, development, and hosting.

8. Siclo

Siclo is a mobile and web studio founded in France and Vietnam by experienced engineers who believe that developing software is a profession.

9. Theodo

On the same whiteboard, they tackle your critical business problems. They have worked with non-technical founders to launch their first product, FTSE 100 companies to increase market share by launching internal startups and spearheading digital transformation initiatives, and SME CTOs to build and scale their technical teams over the last ten years and across over 500 projects.


They are a clever organization that is driven by design and focuses on purpose. High-end delivery is prioritized by highly skilled designers and technologists, but mostly by amazing crafters. A committed team that supports and propels early-stage startups, great brands, and exceptional ventures. They craft your best self at its finest execution level, whether it's a lovely idea, a game-changing vision, or a wonderful product.


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