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Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia

1. Xposure Media


Xposure Media is a Melbourne-based digital marketing agency. They provide the client with a variety of services such as website design, graphic design, SEO, and hosting. They've collaborated with Pay Day, Advance Surf Coaching, World of Kin, Furniture Transformations, and many other companies. They have been in business since 2008 and have worked with a wide range of clients, both large and small.

2. Havoc Digital Marketing


Havoc Digital Marketing is a Melbourne-based agency that specializes in SEO and SEM marketing, as well as content marketing, Adwords management, and conversion analysis. They have worked with numerous clients and have developed strong bonds with each of them. They are a powerful and resourceful agency.

3. Shaba


This is a digital marketing firm that specializes in long-term organic search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Shaba has worked with companies such as Web Wizards, The Abell Group, DigitalDynamix, Whispers2wealth, Pageonefirst, and others.

They are a Google AdWords certified partner and have previously worked with several clients. Their clients like them because of their innovative style and approach.

4. 1 Digital Marketing Agency

This particular digital marketing agency specializes in content marketing, website development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. They've collaborated with Avis printing, Bluewell, Balloons Direct, Centexpress, Clever Designs, and many other companies. They are based in Melbourne, and while their name does not guarantee that they will be the best in the city, their steady rise suggests that it is only a matter of time.

5. White Crow Digital


White Crow Digital is a marketing agency based in Melbourne that provides services in content management systems, shopping carts, digital marketing strategy, social media planning, and management, content planning and promotion, search engine optimization, and marketing.

They have collaborated with numerous other well-known companies both locally and globally, and they intend to continue their ascension to the top.

6. INK digital


INK, which has its headquarters in Halifax and another office in Melbourne, is a well-known and even award-winning agency that provides creative input and solutions for a variety of needs such as websites, mobile sites and apps, and email marketing campaigns.

7. 10 feet tall


10 feet tall is an integrated, independent creative agency that is very proud of its accomplishments.

Their goal is to create ideas or solutions with heart and integrity to deliver them to clients in the most well-known way possible. Mercury, Carlsberg, The Salvation Army, Rinnai, Changhong, and others are among their clients.

8. 24 Digital


24 is a well-known and powerful digital marketing agency based in Melbourne that serves as the client's marketing department's arm.

They are experts in areas such as project management, web design, web development, and online strategy. They've collaborated with Reko Rennie, The Space Agency, Schiavello, Mizuno Australia, Iconic Sydney, and many other companies.

9. AndMine


AndMine has offices in Sydney and Melbourne. This is a digital marketing agency that advises and has worked with some of the world's largest and most trusted brands.

They create and implement highly effective online strategies. They have collaborated with Movember, the National Relay Service, Loan Market, Live One Day, Coles, and Blackmores, among others.

10. Artlivemedia


Here we have a technology and marketing agency that focuses on creating and driving positive, social, economic, and environmental outcomes by assisting marketing leaders in converting and thus engaging more happy customers. They've worked with Have, MK1 motorcycles, The Baths, Yarris, bemoir, Fabtronics, and many other companies.

11. August


August, like other industry names, is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a creative bent.

They primarily use online technologies and new media to engage people, start conversations, and build communities. Their most well-known works include Flinders Street and Swep.

12. Bliss


Bliss is a creative digital marketing agency that is known for producing world-class user experiences all across the web, mobile, and e-commerce platforms.

Everything they do is geared toward creating an amazing and memorable online experience for their brands. They have worked with Nintendo, eheadspace, Citylink, Fifth Army, Phillipisland, Aussie Disposals, etc.

13. Bravo


Bravo's distinguishing feature is that it is a lean digital marketing agency that focuses on digital services and products.

They have collaborated with many forward-thinking businesses and startups that want to grow their businesses by leveraging the latest digital marketing technologies. They've worked for companies like Bosch, DYMO, Frank Health Insurance, Keen's, McCormick, Schweppes, and UBC, among others.

14. Bright labs


Bright Labs is a well-known and respected name in the digital marketing community. They are based in Melbourne, Australia, and have received numerous awards.

They provide digital marketing services, design development, strategy, and infrastructure services. They've also collaborated with Sage One, Frackman, Supanews, First State Super, Woolworths, and GJ Gardner Homes, among others.

15. Butterfly


Butterfly, a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, is known for its adaptability and quick thinking. They offer web application and development, content marketing strategy, CRM, iPhone apps, and eCommerce services.

They have collaborated with Murdoch Books, Mission Australia, Deakin Worldly, QVB, Medicare local, CCI personal insurance, risk support, and other organizations.

16. Deepend


Deepend is an interactive and creative digital marketing agency with offices in well-known cities such as New York, Rome, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The company is a subsidiary of the Deepend Group, which is an innovation consultancy and digital communications firm. They have collaborated with Aon, Fox8, Mona, P&O Cruises, Beyond Blue, Ferrero, Merlin, and many other companies.

17. DT


DT is a creative digital marketing agency based in Melbourne and Sydney. The company was founded in 1996 and is well-known by some of the industry's biggest brands, including Honda and KFC. They use a variety of new media to drive sales and thus increase and engage customers.

18. Emote Digital


Emote Digital is another Melbourne-based digital marketing agency that is widely regarded as the best.

They have created award-winning websites, and their development in this area is planned in such a way that clients can get the sales they want. They've worked with Sutton Tools, Lumiere Properties, Aspac Group, iFrames, Jaram, and others.

19. Evolution 7


Evolution 7 is a well-known company that has worked with many big names as well as many start-ups and small businesses in the past. They are a powerful and well-established digital marketing agency that has won numerous awards, has a proven track record, and has been in the industry for more than ten years. They've worked for Peregrine, Abercrombie & Kent, Tribal and others.

20. Flint


Flint, a Melbourne-based company, is an interactive and independent digital marketing agency. Throughout their client partnerships, they have delivered amazing UX, strategy, and a creative approach using the appropriate technology. They have collaborated with Calibre, Drupal, E-commerce, iBuildNew, KPMG, and others.


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