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Top 20 SEO Agencies in Canada

Explore the best search engine optimization (SEO) firms in Canada to improve your keyword rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website.

1. Outsourced Marketing Inc.

Outsourced Marketing assists businesses in overcoming their most difficult marketing, lead generation, SEO, social media, content, and website challenges by implementing a marketing system that makes marketing appear simple.

2. Delante

Delante is an international SEO agency that provides businesses with hands-on SEO support. They were named the Global SEO Agency of the Year in the Global Agency Awards 2022 in 2022. Our savvy experts work with businesses all over the world, gaining the experience and resources needed to develop hands-on SEO strategies that address the most pressing business needs.

3. Let's Get Optimized

Let's Get Optimized is a Toronto-based digital performance agency specializing in SEO and web design. They were founded in 2007 and specialize in providing customized digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Canada and the United States.

4. Search Engine People

Search Engine People Inc. is a digital marketing firm headquartered in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. The company, which was founded in 2001, employs over 60 people and offers SEO, PPC, content marketing, conversion optimization, and digital strategy services. Search Engine People Inc. works with small and large businesses in a variety of industries, including business services, consumer products and services, and financial services.

5. SEOPlus+

Seoplus+, a digital marketing agency, was founded in 2012 in Ottawa, Canada. Their 25-person team specializes in SEO, content marketing, and web design.

6. Macrae's

MacRAE'S Digital Marketing Solutions is another digital marketing firm in Mississauga, Canada. The midsize team, which was founded in 1995, offers other digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, web design, and web development.

7. Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is a social media management firm that was established in 2014. The company is based in Montreal but has offices in Santa Monica, California, New York City, Chicago, and Toronto. The company employs 14 people across these locations who specialize in social media marketing, mobile & app marketing, and other areas.

8. Edkent Media

When it came to execution, many marketing firms failed to understand our vision. The Edkent team is truly professional in all aspects of the services provided. Edkent listened to my needs, provided appropriate options, responded quickly to all of my questions, and most importantly, they met their deadlines.

9. BrandLume

Powering 6400 clients and 400+ agencies worldwide | Up-front Wholesale Prices + No Long-Term Contracts | BrandLume is the Amazon of Agencies | A global online shop for all Digital Marketing, Branding, and Website services | visit our site and see why we have a 96% client retention rate without any contracts.

10. This is LD

This is LD a full-service digital agency with offices in the UK, Europe, North America, and Australia. Despite our London headquarters, we operate as a 100% cloud-based corporation that moves with you, no matter where you are or what timezone you run your business in.

They specialize in Healthcare, Technology, and Education, but our client base is diverse, and we have a team that has curated vast amounts of experience and talent to cover all industries.

11. MediaForce

They are one of the world's most established digital marketing agencies, having been founded in 1996. They offer cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and technologies that help our clients gain an "unfair advantage" in the market. Their thought leadership team is always learning new strategies and methodologies from institutions like MIT and Google.

12. The Status Bureau

The Status Bureau is a technically-driven SEO and PPC firm that helps businesses grow. They are known for their Search Engine Optimization work and drive many PPC, Social Media advertising campaigns.

13. Vancouver SEO Agency

Vancouver SEO Agency was founded in 2014 as a cutting-edge digital marketing firm focused on providing a lean and healthy approach to online asset development, as opposed to outdated marketing agencies with high overhead costs.

14. Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel is a full-service creative and digital agency specializing in consumer-centric digital experiences with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

Idea-to-Technology Matching

15. WebMechanix CA

WebMechanix has extensive experience in web design and development. Their services can help you grow your business in Vancouver, BC. Their effective web solutions will meet your objectives and produce proven results in Google search results. You can talk to our designer and developer team about your project at any time. They are web design, website development, SEO, graphic design, and digital marketing experts.

16. Soulpepper

They are digital growth strategists prepared to face the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

As Premier Google Partners, we benefit from our e-commerce network's wealth of resources, tools, and insights.

From web design to conversion rate optimization, the digital agency has it all. Everything your brand requires to stand out online and boost your triple bottom line.

17. Blacksmith Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of gaining the trust of a search engine. Local SEO, as a subset, leverages a search engine's trust to assist organizations in standing out in the communities that matter most.

Blacksmith Local SEO provides small business digital marketing services in Vancouver, Toronto, and Seattle to both online and brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs.

They shed light on the online issues that may be stifling a company's growth. We write content with purpose and geo-target products and services with care.

18. Talk Shop Media

They are good people who do the right thing outside of our day jobs as a communications agency. They are extremely proud of the fact that we are entrepreneurs and thinkers. When it comes to getting things done, this makes them scrappy and unstoppable. They work at a breakneck pace. They consume information, art, and culture. One of their core values is honesty, but not in the sense of telling the truth, though we do that as well.

19. 1 Click Agency of Vancouver

SEO 1 Click Agency of Vancouver understands that a good website is essential for a company's success, which is why they offer comprehensive digital marketing services to small and large businesses across Canada and the United States.

SEO 1 Click Agency of Vancouver is one of the top SEO agencies in the country, offering a wide range of SEO, digital marketing, and website development services.

20. The Digital Cauldron

The Digital Cauldron exists to create solutions that help you use technology to tell your story and make a difference in people's lives. Their digital agency provides digital marketing, web design, development, and content services that are based on decades of combined experience, tried-and-true methodologies, and data-driven insights.


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