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Top 20 SEO Agencies in Sydney

Explore the best search engine optimization (SEO) firms in Sydney to improve your keyword rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website.

1. Human Digital

Human Digital is a full-service digital marketing firm based in Sydney and Auckland. As the name implies, the agency strives to prioritize the human experience in all of its projects. Human Digital has worked with businesses in a variety of industries, including technology firms and insurance agencies, as well as independent artists and furniture retailers. Deloitte, Washtech, Icare Insurance, and Dynamo Athletic are among their clients.

2. Soup Agency

Soup Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides solutions tailored to your company's needs and goals. The agency has worked with businesses in a variety of industries, including automotive, blue-chip, finance, eCommerce, fashion, real estate, pharma, and others. Their method allows you to be actively involved in the process while receiving regular updates from an account manager.

3. Earned Media

Earned Media is a dedicated SEO agency led by Nick Brogden, who has over 12 years of industry experience. The agency has collaborated with other digital marketing firms such as Multimedia, as well as clients such as Helm and Yellow Pages Australia. By leveraging reputable sites such as Forbes,, and Yahoo News, Earned Media has been able to deliver rapid growth for its clients.

To ensure long-term success, the agency's SEO service includes evergreen keyword research. This is followed by advanced content creation, in which they audit the top 12 sites and then use their findings to create pages that stand out.

4. Intesols

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Intesols is a full-service digital marketing agency. The multi-award-winning agency provides effective SEO services that have assisted clients in increasing organic traffic and revenue. From assisting Ultima Function in increasing organic traffic by 428% in one year to increasing organic revenue for Austic by 120% in four months, the agency has been able to produce results for a wide range of industries

5. Scaleup Consulting

Scaleup Consulting is a digital consulting firm that helps startups and small businesses with IT and marketing. The firm specializes in IT consulting, web and mobile app development, digital marketing, graphic design, and SEO. Senseii Skill Democracy, DFS Karma, SneakQik, Alliance Software, and are among their top clients.

The agency works with you to create a search engine-friendly website that will increase your visibility in relevant search results. Scaleup Consulting develops a winning SEO strategy that includes website audits, in-depth keyword research, technical SEO, and on-page optimization.

6. SAVV Digital

SAVV Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that assists businesses with growth and performance marketing, creative media and content marketing, digital transformation and UX design, and digital transformation and UX design. The agency has worked with reputable clients in a variety of industries. Pacific Training Group, Universal Business School Sydney, Heineken, and Royalle Modelling are among their clients.

The company takes a strategic approach to SEO, assisting you in developing a solid keyword strategy that includes research, analysis, prioritization, and implementation. SAVV Digital then assists you with on-page optimization by improving website performance, user experience, metadata, and content. A link-building and authority-building strategy will also help your off-page SEO.

7. Mash Media

Mash Media is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Chicago, with offices in London, Perth, and Sydney. The agency has worked with clients in a variety of industries, ranging from investment firms to telecom brands. Clients such as Advanced Dental Artistry, Rockingham Holden, MGM Martin, and Moving Man have benefited from their SEO services in increasing organic traffic.

The agency conducts audits and research to create a personalized roadmap and SEO strategy to help you achieve your objectives. Mash Media also optimizes on-page content to meet user intent while increasing your authority through link-building efforts.

8. SEO Sydney

SEO Sydney is a leading Sydney digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization. The agency has provided high-quality SEO services to a diverse set of clients. They assisted Ecoliv in increasing organic traffic by 57%, while HealthScope Medical Centers gained 62% of new online patients.

The agency collaborates with you to create a successful SEO campaign. They assist you in improving your rankings and increasing traffic. The agency can also assist you with SEO copywriting, PPC campaigns, and SEO training and consulting in addition to SEO campaigns.

9. AndMine

AndMine is a digital agency that offers assistance with all aspects of digital marketing and product development. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and Asia, the agency has established a solid reputation with reputable clients across a wide range of industries. Uber, Windsor Smith, Shell, Coles, Toni & Guy, and even AC/DC are included.

The SEO service provided by the agency is tailored to your company's specific requirements. AndMine begins by getting to know your brand and its target audiences. This enables them to create a customized SEO strategy to attract the right traffic to your page.

10. Uplers

Uplers is a leading SEO firm that emphasizes a human-first approach to SEO. With offices in San Diego, Amsterdam, Ahmedabad, and Sydney, the agency has a global presence. Their clientele includes well-known global brands from a variety of industries, such as Amazon, Disney, Facebook, National Geographic, Oracle, and DHL.

The company offers a wide range of SEO services, including SEO audits, Google Analytics configurations, and full-suite SEO solutions. Uplers can assist you with eCommerce SEO, link building to increase domain authority, and even ranking in local searches.

11. Shout Digital

Shout Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Their SEO services have been used by a diverse range of clients, including global automotive companies and local legal practices. Porsche, Bondi Sands, JBL, Baby Bunting, Sodexo, and Windsor Smith are among the agency's clients.

Shout Digital develops a customized SEO strategy to meet your specific needs and objectives, whether you want to reach a local, national, or international audience. In addition to SEO content writing services, the agency performs SEO audits and Google penalty assessments.

12. Digital Presence

Digital Presence is a leading SEO agency in Sydney that focuses on results-oriented SEO. The agency has provided customized services to a wide range of clients. Think Global Logistics, Appboxer, La Mono, and Ecodesign are among their clients.

The agency creates tailored SEO campaigns based on your specific goals and requirements, whether you need to outrank global competitors or drive foot traffic to your local store. Digital Presence also provides eCommerce SEO services to increase the visibility of your product listings and increase sales.

13. Australian Internet Advertising

AIA, or Australian Internet Advertising, is a digital marketing agency based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Subaru, Victoria State Government, Blooms the Chemist, and Byte is among the reputable companies that have used the agency's services.

AIA provides all-inclusive SEO solutions, including on-page optimization, page speed optimization, internal linking, and keyword research and semantics. Local SEO, rich snippets, blogger outreach, and conversion rate optimization are also areas of expertise for the company.

14. O3 Digital

O3 Digital is a full-service SEO firm that specializes in digital marketing, web design and development, and mobile app development. The agency works with clients in a wide range of industries, from eCommerce to cutting-edge technology startups.

You can get SEO services from O3 Digital that are tailored to your specific needs, whether you want to reach a local audience for your SMB, outrank your competitors globally, or increase sales for your eCommerce product listing.

15. Safari Digital

Safari Digital is an SEO firm that focuses on data-driven search engine optimization. The agency works with clients from a variety of industries, including eCommerce, industrial supplies, healthcare, and professional services.

Safari Digital's SEO solution begins with a site audit, followed by competitor and keyword research. They then apply the findings to every other aspect of your SEO strategies, such as content creation, on-site optimization, content strategy, and link building.

16. SEO Sydney Experts

SEO Sydney Experts is a niche SEO firm that works with companies of all sizes. Hundreds of Sydney-based businesses and professional services, including First Class Slate Roofing, Bali Villa Escapes, Annandale Apartments, and My Fitness Kitchen, have used the agency's services.

They provide comprehensive SEO services, beginning with a free SEO audit. Content marketing, local SEO, link building, SEO web design, and Google penalty removal are all services offered by SEO Sydney Experts.

17. Impressive Digital

Impressive Digital is an award-winning SEO agency that serves Sydney businesses. Petite Cosmetics, Synergie Skin, Acer, Atlantic Group, Mincove Homes, and Digidirect are among their many clients.

The agency offers customized SEO services based on your requirements, whether you want to increase local foot traffic, attract international customers, or increase eCommerce sales. Impressive Digital also specializes in platform-specific SEO for Shopify, WordPress, Magento, and BigCommerce websites.

18. Vine Digital

Vine Digital is a digital agency based in Sydney that specializes in SEO, web design, and PPC. Vine Digital will provide you with a dedicated account manager as well as a free one-on-one consultation to help you get started with your SEO campaign. They provide a full-service SEO solution that includes technical SEO, content marketing, keyword research and targeting, and link building.

19. Prosperity Media

Prosperity Media is a firm that offers SEO services to businesses of all sizes. The agency has delivered impressive results for a variety of clients, including a 271% increase in organic traffic for OpenAgent and a 356% increase in organic traffic for Open Colleges.

They perform comprehensive SEO audits and can help you with SEO website migrations and link building. Prosperity Media also provides specialized SEO solutions for large corporations, eCommerce brands, and B2B firms.

20. Online Marketing Gurus

Online Marketing Gurus, or OMG, is a subsidiary of Supergravity Group that provides effective SEO services throughout Australia. Client success stories include The Modern Furniture Store, Edible Beauty, and Manly Pavilion. With the agency's assistance, Edible Beauty was able to increase its organic revenue by 368%.

OMG provides a variety of SEO services that you can use based on your specific requirements. Local SEO is used to attract a local audience, while enterprise SEO is used to help your company scale. The company also provides eCommerce SEO, lead generation SEO, B2B SEO, and white label SEO services.


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