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Top 20 SEO Companies in South Africa

SEO requires time, effort, and knowledge. To improve your search engine ranking, you may need to hire a local SEO company or SEO agency; there are hundreds of SEO agencies in South Africa that can assist you with website optimization, backlinks, and other services.

1. BlueMagnet


Customers: Elingo, Angor Properties, African Pegmatite.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, and Digital Strategy.

BlueMagnet enables digital transformation by discovering and advising on innovative solutions, automation, digital capabilities, and empowerment in order to improve customer experience and digital marketing efficiencies. They offer hands-on advisory services to help you clearly define your unique value propositions and ideal target personas, as well as gain extensive insights into your competitive landscape to form the foundation of your digital marketing strategy to improve all digital touchpoints.

2. Web SEO Online


Customers: Hisense, ESET, Sage Pay.

Specialties: SEO, Pay Per Click

Web SEO Online is a South African digital marketing agency. They want to drive more targeted traffic to your website and then convert them into paying customers. Web SEO Online has worked with businesses of all sizes to develop online strategies that will assist them in staying in touch with their customers. They currently serve customers throughout South Africa and internationally.

3. IMS


Customers: Goscor, Gilbert, TalkSure customers.

Specialties: SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

IMS is a creative ad agency with offices in Fourways, Johannesburg, and Umhlanga, Durban. They create brands by utilizing appropriate tools such as research, strategy, and creative ideas. They then put them into action across a variety of platforms, including websites, social media, traditional media, public relations, activations, and events, to name a few.

4. Mangoven Creative Studio


Customers: Find all Classifieds, Thoro Group, Zororo.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Pay Per Click.

Magoven Creative Studio is well-versed in the fields of Digital Marketing & Web Development Services. Advanced search engine optimization, social media management, local SEO, web design, digital marketing, reputation management, and Google PPC are a few examples. Magoven is essentially the best specialist SEO agency that provides first-rate organic search services.

5. Focus Online Travel


Customers: Samara, WalkerSons, Gondwana.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Pay Per Click.

Focus Online is a conversion marketing agency that helps clients from various industries win more new business and customers from their digital marketing investments. They are a group of passionate entrepreneurs who like to challenge the status quo. They assist people in reaching their full potential. Focus Online is also committed to delivering outstanding results.

6. Ruby Digital


Customers: AMEX, Thomas Cook, and Condor Airlines customers.

Specialties: SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Web Design.

Ruby Digital, an award-winning SEO agency, is South Africa's top-ranked and rated search engine optimization firm. Ruby Digital's mission is to provide transparent, international best-practice SEO services that focus on generating long-term leads and sales. Ruby Digital has a proven track record of delivering quality organic growth to local and international brands in over 20 countries.

7. Clockwork Media


Customers: Seacom, Oracle, Hyundai, Exxaro.

Specialties: SEO, Public Relations, and Digital Strategy.

Clockwork Media is a South African digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg. The company is dedicated to raising the bar, even if it means taking unconventional routes. (Of course, a white hat). They believe that our success is built on the success of our customers. Clockwork is a well-known independent creative and communications agency with offices in Johannesburg and London.

8. iMod Digital


Customers: Ekaya, StorageCube, Centtrip.

Specialties: SEO, Email Marketing, and Web Design.

Christopher Mills founded iMod Digital, a Cape Town-based digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization. iMod Digital has been in operation since 2005 but only began trading in November 2011. Strategy, website development, search engine optimization, mobile, social media, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, website design, and search engine marketing are all areas of expertise for iMod Digital.

9. DesignerWorks


Customers: LegalStar, ARTSolar, SeeVivu.

Specialties: SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Graphic Design.

Designer works were founded in 2014 and have since been involved in the digital marketing, graphic design, website development, and print industries. They are passionate, innovative, and analytical, with experience in digital and marketing, branding, graphic design, print media, and website development, and they enjoy working collaboratively with their clients to ensure client involvement in the creative process.

10. Cloudfusion


Customers: Zimproc, Super Veloce, Moyoa.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, and Development.

Cloudfusion was founded in 2005 as a new, independent, turnkey web 2.0 development and digital marketing company. Their support team is made up of a network of highly specialized individuals working from all over the world to ensure 100% uptime and consistency all year.

11. B&E Digital


Customers: Opulent Decor, Culinary Cloud.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Web Design.

B&E Digital is a group of young digital marketing experts who specialize in corporate branding, website design, e-commerce website design, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC), and social media marketing. Through its extensive range of digital marketing services, the firm will assist you in transforming your mission-driven business into a recognizable brand.

12. Select Web


Customers: PrimeRose, BLUPOOL, Fittletics.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Web Design.

Select Web's philosophy and business culture are to help its clients get the most out of their websites, regardless of size or development budget. They are able to provide the best knowledge and advice when it comes to online strategy by working closely with their clients and getting to know their businesses and goals.

13. Akio Agency


Customers: Rudo, Ndaba Inc., Eulitsaki.

Specialties: SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design.

Fumani Baloyi, a digital strategist based in Johannesburg, is the founder of Akio, a creative and digital marketing consultancy. They specialize in the growth-driven design and results-driven online marketing. Its mission is to assist clients in utilizing the internet as a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool. Akio has also assisted businesses in navigating today's rapidly changing digital landscape by leveraging its expertise in design, branding, responsive web design, and digital marketing to build strong brands and memorable experiences across web, mobile, and print.

14. LAB Group


Customers: Sony, Nike, Opayo, Danone.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design.

The LAB Group brings together multidisciplinary expertise in technology, marketing, data-driven human insights, communication, and creativity. Their teams are made up of experts in their respective fields who collaborate closely to explore, challenge, and push the boundaries from every angle. They develop unrivaled industry solutions, either by collaborating with forward-thinking brands to deliver tangible results or by developing novel approaches to old problems, such as detecting and protecting vulnerable people online.

15. Capitalize


Customers: Altron, Experian, Inospace.

Specialties: SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Digital Strategy.

Capitalize is a South African digital marketing firm based in Cape Town. Customers can use the firm's services for Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and Digital Strategy. Capitalize has been in the digital marketing industry for over ten years.

16. Hype Digital


Customers: Ollie Health, Ducati, Gravvity.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing.

Hype Digital is a South African digital marketing firm based in Cape Town. The company has been in the digital marketing industry for over four years. They specialize in providing the best "post-ad experience" (User Analytics, Testing, User-Mapping, UX/UI) to entice users to take the desired actions as quickly as possible. Customers can use the firm's SEO, Pay-Per-Click, and content marketing services.

17. Versys Media


Customers: Grass Direct, Infinity Logistics, Elu Group.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Web Design.

They handle website design and development, logo design and branding, search engine marketing (pay-per-click, retargeting), search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, online lead generation, and online brand development and management as a digital agency based in Sandton, South Africa.

18. The Wikid Agency


Customers: Innovate, Pitzer, Anong Thai, KUL.

Specialties: SEO, Graphic Design, Web Design.

The Wikid Agency is a vibrant and creative digital agency comprised of thinkers who understand the impact of digital media on brand and business growth. They specialize in providing clients with complete digital and graphical solutions based on their marketing objectives.

19. Semantica


Customers: PropertyFox, Thrifty, Bidvest.

Specialties: SEO, Email Marketing, PPC.

Semantica is a boutique digital agency specializing in the seamless integration of creative solutions and technical applications. I create websites that are not only visually appealing with timeless designs, but also functional with cutting-edge technologies. Our expanding team of experienced founders, skilled employees, eager interns, and top freelancers are dedicated to the art of web science.

20. Social Path


Customers: KARMA Clothing, Rodel, and Alpha Power.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, and Social Media Marketing.

Social Path is an evidence-based and research-based consultancy. To immerse your audience in the heart of your brand experience, Social Path's strategic marketing consultants employ qualitative research techniques focused on your brand. They specialize in P2P marketing and use strategic marketing, storytelling, and data analytics to take brand marketing to the next level.


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