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Top 8 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Entrepreneurship is hard. Today it is easy to start a company but difficult to scale. There are certain tools that are making it immensely easy for anyone to start a business today. Here we take a look at Top 10 Tools that every entrepreneur must use to start and scale his business.

For Building a Website

1. Wordpress

Wordpress is the go-to platform when anyone needs a website. It's free and easy to install and has tons of features which are useful for any business website. WordPress has millions of themes and plugins which make the website design experience fun, easy and interesting.

2. Wix

Wix is probably the easiest to use website development website. Even if you have zero knowledge about web design and development you can design a website in just minutes and host it either on a free wix domain or connect it your own personalised business domain. Its drag and drop design option makes web design as easy as one two three. It is affordable, easy to use and quick.

For Marketing

3. Google Ads

When you want to buy something the first place you search on is Google. And listing your webpage on the first page of Google search results is not an easy task. But there is a way by which you can show your webpage on your desired search keywords on Google and reach your potential keywords.

Google Adwords is an easy to setup marketing method using which you can display your ads on the search results page on Google. It is a bit expensive but very useful in reaching the desired customer segment.

4. Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are the platforms with the greatest reach today. Advertising options on Facebook and Instagram are easy to use and are affordable. Setting up an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram is easy and can be done yourself and you won't need an external agency to manage your ads.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the go-to option for all marketers who need an automated mail solution or newsletter platform to reach out to customers via email.

For Designing

6. Canva

Canva is affordable and super easy to use designing platform which can be used by even those who have no background or experience in designing. Canva is designed specifically for those who have not used softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and still want to make their own content for social media and promotions.

For Connecting

7. Zoom

To say that Zoom has revolutionised meetings will be an understatement. During the Covid pandemic when all offices were shut, everyone ventured out to have meetings on the go on Zoom. If you are an entrepreneur, having your meetings on Zoom rather than wasting time commuting to meeting locations is very handy and useful. It will save you time, effort and money.

For Hiring Freelancers and getting the work done

8. UpWork

You cannot have every field expert in your team and payroll, hence platforms such as UpWork become really important. On UpWork you can hire experts and professionals for tasks or projects on an hourly or project basis. You no longer need to hire people for short-time projects. Let UpWork handle that for you.

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